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Orlando Hot Air Balloon Flights operated by Thompson Aire are conducted 7 days a week at sunrise. Capt. Thompson is the most experienced hot air balloon pilot in in the Orlando area. Jeff has been licensed to fly balloons for over 38 years. We pride ourselves for having more than 30 years of service without a single injury. Perfection is not our “Goal”; Perfection is our “Standard”.

Balloon Rides 

Orlando Flight Rides Thompson Aire Morning FlightWe start our adventure at 6am with our preflight briefing, this is where you’ll be introduced to your pilot and will have all your questions answered. We found that people enjoy the whole experience even more when they know what to expect each step of the way. At the launch site you may become part of our ground team as we inflate the balloon and prepare for flight; to help or not is your choice.

Our flight will last approximately an hour however, please plan on being outside for three to four hours. We highly recommend you bring fully charged batteries and large memory cards to hold all your pictures/videos from your adventure. During the flight your pilot will point out all the spectacular Orlando swamps, forests, resorts, theme parks, and wildlife below. You never know, you might see a 4 foot alligator or even a 4 foot mouse while in flight. We do our best to create a flight a plan where we can both fly up high to have a look around as well as come down to the tree tops and view the swamps and forest up close where you can actually see the wildlife.

After landing we’ll have our traditional champagne toast and we’ll explain some of the history behind ballooning as well as how the traditional champagne upon landing came about. Then we all head out to a wonderful all you can eat breakfast buffet with over 65 items to choose from including an omelet chief.

Orlando Flight Rides Thompson Aire Chase PackageChase Package

If you’re unable to fly with your loved ones but would like to share the experience with them we provide “The Chase Package”. You’ll be part of the entire experience from attending the pre-flight briefing to the all you can eat Breakfast Buffet and everything in between. You’ll ride along with our ground crew where you have an advantage to listen in on the two way radio and will have the ability of capturing the most amazing pictures of your loved ones. You literally do everything the fliers do minus the flight. Don’t be left out while your loved ones tell all the stories about the mornings adventure; come along and experience it with them. Please make sure you add the chase package at the time of booking due to limited space. If booking online you’ll see a box on the booking form where you could add the chasers package, extra charges due apply, usually $20.00 per person.

Orlando Proposal Ideas

Orlando Flight Rides Thompson Aire Marry MeOne of our greatest pleasures is getting to be part of a wedding proposal in Orlando. It’s a special day for the future bride and groom as well as their families; Trust us, we’ll make it perfect! One of the things we strongly suggest is getting a private balloon; sure it costs a little bit more however we guarantee it’ll be worth it. Best of all you’ll have enough room in the basket to get down on one knee and do it right!

We have a proven way of creating this everlasting memory; we’ll have a banner made that will say “WILL YOU MARRY ME (HER NAME)”. We’ll treat the morning just like any other, after the pre-flight briefing you’ll make your way to your private balloon. Our ground crew team will get into position and will take out the banner, as your about to fly over the ground team your pilot will pretend the radio has malfunctioned and the ground team is trying to tell us something. As she looks down to see what the message says you’ll get into position; she’ll never see it coming! I promise the look on her face will be absolutely PRICELESS!

Orlando Flight Rides Thompson Aire Wedding FlightOrlando Weddings

Another one of our greatest pleasures is when we get to celebrate in the couple’s wedding day. Again we understand how important this day is to you and your loved ones so we have many options to choose from in order to make your everlasting memory come true. We start out with a fully decorated basket that screams “Just Married” to the world below; it also makes for an amazing picture. The services could be conducted either on the ground or while in flight; whichever you decide we’ll have the resources in place to capture your entire service on video.

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The winds have welcomed you with softness
The sun has blessed you with its warm hands
You have flown so high and so well that God has joined you in your laughter
and set you back again
into the loving arms of mother earth.