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Scenic Helicopter Tours & Adventure Flights

At Tallahassee Helicopters more than 90% of the people who take one of our amazing helicopter tours have never flown in a helicopter. It’s truly an amazing feeling and many of our passengers express how smooth, quiet, and comfortable the ride is.

Below are some of our most popular helicopter tours in the Tallahassee area. We’re always open for a uniquely customized flight request and will do our best to provide the helicopter tour of your dreams.

#1 | The Experience a Helicopter Flight
• Fly over Lake Bradford
• Natural History Museum
• Tallahassee Skyline from a distance
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#2 | The Stadium Helicopter Tour
• Includes everything from Tour #1
• Doak Campbell Stadium
• Florida State University Campus
• FSU Innovation Park
• Don Veller Seminole Golf Course
• WFSU FM/TV Station
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#3 | The Downtown Helicopter Tour
• Includes everything from Tour #1 & #2
• Circle the Downtown area up close
• The Capital Building
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#4 | The University Helicopter Tour
• Includes everything from Tours #1, #2, & #3
• Tallahassee Community College
• Florida State University
• Florida A&M University
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#5 | The Grand Helicopter Tour of Tallahassee
• Includes everything from Tours #1 – #4
• An extended circle around Tallahassee (spectacular views)
• Tallahassee’s prestigious neighborhoods
• Lake Jackson
• Maclay Gardens State Park
• I-10 | Thomasville Road
• Both Tallahassee’s hospitals
• Southwood Office Complex
• Many lakes and nature sights
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#6 | The Wakulla Springs Helicopter Tour
• Fly over plenty of forest & small neighborhoods south of Tallahassee
• Circle Wakulla Springs
• Fly down the Wakulla River
• Wildlife Spotting (manatees, alligators and a whole arsenal of exotic birds)
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#7 | The City & Wakulla Springs Helicopter Tour
• Combination of Tour #3 and Tour #6
• This is the most popular tour we offer
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#8 | The Sunset Helicopter Tour
• Take our most popular helicopter tour #7 at sunset
• This is a very romantic flight (perfect for a date night)
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#9 | The Nature & Coast Helicopter Tour
• Includes everything from Tour #6
• St. Marks National Wildlife Refuge
• St. Marks Lighthouse
• Fly over a series of small islands along the coast
• The Life Oak Harbor
• Crawfordville
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#10 | The Custom Helicopter Tour
• Design your own helicopter tour within a 25 mile radius of the Tallahassee Airport
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Becoming a Helicopter Pilot

7 Steps on becoming a professional helicopter pilot

Taking an Introductory Helicopter Flight Lesson
Begin Your Introductory Helicopter Flight Lesson Today

1 ~ Introductory Helicopter Flight Lesson
2 ~ Private Pilot License
3 ~ Instrument Rating
4 ~ Commercial Pilots License
5 ~ Certified Flight Instructor (CFI)
6 ~ Instrument Instructor (CFII)
7 ~ Get hired as a helicopter pilot | Employment Guaranteed In Writing!


Introductory Helicopter Flying Lesson

Are you ready to for a life changing adventure? Flying helicopters is a lot of fun, rewarding, and contrary to common belief – very safe!

The best way to experience what helicopter training is all about is with one of our introductory helicopter flight lessons.

We are committed to help you make your dreams become reality; that’s why we offer three introductory helicopter flight lesson options to choose from below.

#1 | The Standard Introductory Helicopter Flight Lesson
• 1-hour introductory flight lesson
• Start with a short ground briefing which will include the basics of helicopter flight and the flight controls used
• Enter the cockpit and follow the checklist to start-up the engine and to spin-up the rotors
• Experience the thrill and excitement of piloting a helicopter yourself while under the close supervision of an experienced flight instructor
• In total you’ll be on the controls of the helicopter for approximately 30 minutes
• You’ll treasure this flight for the rest of your life, whether this is a one-time adventure or this is the first step towards becoming a certified helicopter pilot

#2 | The Extended Introductory Helicopter Flight Lesson
• This is essentially the same as our standard introductory flight lesson with two exceptions: your flight time is twice as long and you save $100

#3 | The Double STANDARD Introductory Flight Lesson
• Includes everything from our Introductory Helicopter Flight Lesson but for 2 student pilots
• Bring a friend who also wants to learn how to fly a helicopter
• Each of you will take turns flying with the helicopter with instructor while the other is sitting in the back seat observing the flight and the interactions between the instructor and your friend
• Being on two flights in a row – once as a pilot and once as an observer – is a very valuable experience
• Additionally, each of you will be flying along as an observer FOR FREE

#4 | The Double EXTENDED Introductory Flight Lesson
• This is essentially the same as our Double STANDARD Introductory Flight Lesson but for the EXTENDED Introductory Flight Lesson.


Helicopter Pilot Training

At Tallahassee Helicopter we are dedicated to your success. Whether you just want to take a few lessons to experience the thrill and excitement of piloting a helicopter or if you are ready to become a certified helicopter pilot for pleasure and business or even a professional helicopter pilot, we offer the highest-quality helicopter flight training at the most affordable rates. Let us assist you to achieve your dream of flying helicopters.


Train in the Best helicopter

Robinson R44 helicopter in flightAt Tallahassee Helicopters we use the world’s most popular Robinson R44 helicopters
• The R44 is much easier to fly and is more forgiving than other training helicopters
• Your employment opportunities are significantly enhanced by training in the R44, they have the same characteristics of the Bell 206 Jet Ranger which is typically an entry level helicopter in the industry.


Commercial Helicopters Flight Services

Helicopter Tour over an FSU party
Contact us with your helicopter request, we can help!

Tallahassee Helicopters offers a full line of aerial support such as aerial photography/surveys, news gathering, movie support, fundraiser events with rides and much more. Contact us with your request, we can help!


Gift Certificates

Are you looking for a remarkable gift for someone special? If so you’ve come to the right place! Tallahassee Helicopters offers many breathtaking sightseeing helicopter tours for any budget as well as flight lessons.


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