Learn to Skydive

Learning to skydive can be one of the most thrilling experiences of your life. Jumping out of a perfectly good aircraft may feel a bit crazy, however, the reward you’ll receive will be outstanding. Did you know that learning to skydive is, in fact, a very safe sport? Jump over to our post “what is skydiving like” to read more on skydiving and the safety stats.

Choosing where to go skydive

The absolute first thing you need to do before you go skydiving is to make sure the company you decide to fly with is certified and conducts their business with safety first. No cutting corners, no old worn out equipment, etcetera. This step will make all the difference between having a great skydive experience or making the evenings news headline. We can’t stress this enough, so please make sure the establishment you choose is safe.

Here we put together a little information on what to expect during your skydiving flight

  • Feel the Rush as you free fall at a stunning 120 mph for approximately 60 seconds
  • Reduce built up stress and build confidence
  • Meet some new and exciting lifelong friends
  • Despite what people might say skydiving is actually a really safe sport
  • Overcome your fears and do something new and exciting
  • Make your friends and family members insanely jealous with your story
  • Mark skydiving off your bucket list
  • After your jump, you’ll have a new perspective on life
  • The entire experience is quite beautiful

Below you’ll find a list of skydiving companies that are currently in our Flight Rides network. Please contact us if you need assistance locating a safe company in your area.


Skydiving Adventures

DeLand Skydiving


To those that jump,
no explanation is necessary.

To those that don’t jump,
no explanation is possible.


Below are skydiving resources you might want to look into
United States Parachute Association
Federal Aviation Administration