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Skydive DeLand
1600 Flightline Blvd.
Deland, FL 32724
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The DZ is open 365 days a year and offers the most exclusive support in training facilities, team hangars, video rooms, indoor creeper area, aircraft mock ups, and the best support anywhere from the leading manufacturers: Performance Designs, United Parachute Technologies, Merlin Suits, Sky Systems, Alti-2 and many more.


First Time Jumpers

Tandem Skydiving

tandem skydivingWe offer tandem skydiving training for your first jump experience. Instruction begins with a short briefing, then you and your instructor share a tandem harness, freefalling from nearly 14,000 feet at speeds of 120 mph or more. After about a minute or more of freefall, your instructor will open the dual-sized parachute, and together you’ll fly back to the ground for a soft landing.

Be sure to ask about getting video and still photographs of your tandem. Remember, you only get to make one first jump, now let it last a lifetime.

AFF – Become A Skydiver

Instruction begins with a 6 hour ground school. Then you are ready to jump following ground school wearing your individual parachute system. You and 2 instructors freefall together for about 50 seconds from 13,500 ft.
Your instructors check out together, coaching you through your training assignment, until you pull your ripcord to open your parachute canopy. Then you enjoy a beautiful parachute flight. We provide radio advice as you steer your parachute to a soft landing. As you progress through the program, two instructors accompany you through level 3. Then one instructor goes with you until you graduate. When you have completed the program, you are cleared to jump without an instructor. All training is personalized and you will progress at your own rate. The AFF training program includes ground school, pre-jump training, seven levels of advancement, and all the required equipment.

Experienced Jumpers

Jump Tickets
5,000 ft. and 13,500 ft.

Team Coaching

Team CoachingOur staff includes some of the leading RW competition coaches, top notch video staff, and pro packers to help you to get the most from your training. Skydive DeLand is the relative work training capital of the world “where skydivers become champions”. Our year-round training center includes team hangars and video rooms (NTSC & PAL ), creepers, large covered creeping areas, and aircraft mock-ups.

Freefly Coaching
VUELO offers dedicated freefly coaching and instruction by Alejandro Ramos. The VUELO Freefly Program offers flyers a non-linear approach to sharpening their skills and enhancing their awareness, using a progression system that sets clear goals and brings immediate results.”

TRIBU is the new Freefly School at Skydive Deland providing training programs for both novice and expert flyers, making it an effective way to enhance your skills and awareness in a safe environment. All TRIBU instructors are highly experienced and committed to help you or your team achieve your goals. With the presence of TRIBU Freefly, Skydive Deland has once again become one of the most progressive freefly destinations in the world.”

Canopy Control

Canopy ControlThe Canopy School, Flight-1 School, was created with one goal in mind: to provide advanced canopy flight training to skydivers of all experience levels. No matter how many jumps you have, or what type of canopy you fly, we can help you improve your canopy flying skills.

Skydive University

SDU offers professional and intensive programs to teach the fundamentals of relative work in a safe, relaxed and fun format. Utilizing the very best training available will drastically shorten the time and expense required to emerge as a safe, skilled skydiver and will greatly increase fun and satisfaction.

Wing Suits

Skydive DeLand has wing suits from all of the wing suit Manufactures (Bird-man, Tony,Phoenix-Fly, & S Fly). The wing suits are available for trying on and demo purposes. Skydive DeLand also offers Independent wing suit instructor slots to book for training their students.

The Gear Store

New Gear

Skydiving StoreWe have everything you could possibly need for skydiving from beginners to our most advanced skydivers and everything in between.


Our specials consist of a variety of well know manufactures that are customized to your liking, you choose your Container, Main, & Reserve for a set Price.

Used Gear (SALE)

Are you in the market for skydiving equipment as well a great deal? If so you’ve come to the rite place, we have a large variety of lightly used skydiving equipment that’s ready to take you on a new adventure.


Let everyone know you’re a skydiver with our official Skydive DeLand merchandise.