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240 Aviation Drive North Suite 102
Naples, FL 34104-3534
FAA Charter Certificate IL7A881W

Naples Airport

Naples Municipal Airport (APF)

Soar through the wild blue yonder with Naples Air Inc. Based in Naples, FL, we provide air charter and brokerage services to various locations across the country. We offer convenient, time-saving, hassle-free, travel services for business people, vacationers, and air ambulance clients. We are proud of our reputation for award-winning, exceptional customer service providing air travel alternatives to commercial airlines.

Business Charters and Vacation Charters

Charter Flight Naples AirNaples Air, Inc. is an FAA-authorized air charter company approved to fly you to 48 states, the Bahamas, and Caribbean. We’ll help you make your important business meetings and have you back home in time for dinner with your family. Why spend time in a car, using up precious hours or days driving to your perfect vacation destination? Come fly with us for business air travel and vacation air travel.
When you have children, pets, or elderly members in your party, you want fast, hassle-free air charter service! With a limited time for vacation, why spend hours or days driving to your destination? Naples Air Inc. offers fun-filled, relaxing flights to all your vacation destinations.
Empty Legs

Air Ambulance

Naples Air AmbulanceSometimes the right doctor isn’t available locally. If you’ve been hospitalized in a local hospital and want to go to another hospital in FL or another state, we can accommodate your needs! Our air ambulances will fly you there quickly. We will also arrange ground transportation here and at your final destination.

Out-of-State Flights
When traveling to an out-of-state facility, we utilize specialty jets, complete with an on-board medical crew and the latest technology and medical equipment. This ensures a comfortable flight for patient and passengers.

Naples Air StaffIn-State Flights
Do you, a friend, or family member have the need to fly to a medical facility, nursing home, or to a doctor in another city or state? Naples Air Inc. in Naples, Florida, offers quick service to state-of-the-art facilities in Miami, Gainesville, and Jacksonville.

Flying you to your Appointment
When you are going to a hospital or doctor’s appointment, if needed, we will have someone accompany you to the appointment free of charge. Our pilot oftentimes can fly you back the same day or the next day, depending on your needs.


Occasionally we have what we call an “empty leg”, the portion of the flight where there aren’t any passengers. We sell these seats on the empty leg for a fraction of the price, usually $100-$200 per seat.
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