Learn How To Fly

Learn How to Fly & Choose A Flight School

The process of learning how to fly can be a bit overwhelming to anyone getting into the aviation community. With the many types of flying vehicles, how does one choose the right flight school?
We at Flight Rides understand that everyone has their own reason for wanting to learn to fly. We have helped many people start living their dream of flying and we would love the opportunity of helping you achieve your mission and start flying today.

Below is a general starting point for newcomers

  • What type of flying are you interested in learning? Airplanes, Helicopters, Skydiving
  • Are you learning to fly for a career move or looking to fly for personal reasons?
  • Search through our list of our recommended flight schools below and make an appointment to tour their facility. If you don’t see a flight school that meets your needs please send us a message and one of our staff members will help you locate one.
  • Meet some of the instructors at the flight school and choose the one that you feel fits your style
  • Take a discovery flight with the instructor
  • If you fell in love with flying and would like to continue with flight training your instructor will help design the perfect course of action depending on your goals and schedule.

Need flight training equipment? Please view the bottom of this page


Airplane Flight Training



how to fly Airplanes in Fort Myers Florida

Fort Myers

Merritt Island Flight Services for God

Merritt Island

Pelican Flight Training flight school in Pembroke Pines Florida

Pembroke Pines

St. Petersburg airplane tours and flight school

St. Petersburg


Helicopter Flight Training








Bradenton / Sarasota




Honolulu & Kona


Learn to Skydive





Here we have a list of some equipment you’ll probably need in order to be successful with your new endeavor. By using the link(s) below you’ll not only be getting the equipment at a great price but you’ll be helping Flight Rides continue to offer helpful information to our visitors.

Thank you for shopping with us