Helicopter Tours

Helicopter Tours

Helicopter Tours

The benefits of experiencing helicopter tours

  • Helicopters can virtually use any surface safe enough to land on as an airfield
  • Helicopters can fly forward, backward, side to side, or even hover
  • Helicopter tours are extremely fun, exciting, and adventurous
  • Helicopter tours are great for vacation excursions
  • Fly with the helicopter doors on or off for added visibility
  • Helicopters have access to great fly-in restaurants
  • Helicopters can accommodate a variety of passenger configurations and requirements
  • Helicopters offer optimal sightseeing views due to their unique flying ability
  • The only downside to helicopters flights is that they are more expensive than other air tours such as biplanes, balloons, and airplanes
  • The memory you’ll have of your helicopter tour will last a lifetime



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Cocoa Beach & Port Canaveral

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Pompano Beach

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Kahului, Maui


Kauai, Oahu, Hawai’i


Depending on the number of passengers in your group and what your flight expectations are will determine the type of helicopter that’s needed. The aviation company you choose will go over your options at the time of booking.

Here are a few items you may want to purchase prior to your helicopter tour