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Hot Air Balloon Rides

Fantasy Ballooning Ride 2
Imagine the thrill of rising before dawn to greet the brilliant morning sunrise for your first ride in an eight-story tall, multi-colored, Hot-Air-Balloon. As you gently leave the bonds of earth; you will float effortlessly over cypress trees, the beautiful blue water of our lakes and waterways, and smell the orange blossoms in bloom, and enjoy all that our beautiful Central Florida countryside has to offer.

Viewing for miles in any direction; the winds have welcomed you with their softness, the sun has blessed you with his warm hands. After joining in laughter and merriment with the heavens above, you return into the loving arms of Mother Nature. Now you know what it feels like to be a cloud.

Corporate Ballooning

Fantasy Ballooning Corp

Corporate Aerial Balloon Programs from Fantasy Ballooning are Big, Bold, and Beautiful. There is no more fun-family way to reach potential consumers and/or reinforce your goods and services with present customers than with an eight story tall multicolored Aerostar hot-air balloon.

The average american is exposed to 1,600 advertisements everyday. Which advertisement do you want them to remember? No one ever takes pictures of billboards.


Corporate Kites

Fantasy Ballooning Kite

When it’s too windy to fly, or it’s a great afternoon at a company function, corporate Kites offer you the opportunity to get your name and company logo up in a fun eye-catching manner.

Our kites measure 6’W x 8’L and have two tails that are 100′ long each. As the winds blow, the tails do a dance to the winds that everyone watches and is mesmerized by. If you have a unique design that would fit your business better please let us know, many times all it takes is an idea with a little bit of imagination to make it happen.



Fantasy Ballooning Pig-letAllow us to introduce you to “Ham-let”, our Pretty in Pink Porker. Standing 100′ tall, 60′ wide, and 80′ long, he has a grin that is sure to please. We also have a banner window on the back to support a company logo. Special shaped balloons offer companies even more opportunity to be noticed. Reach millions of potential customers & consumers with your message and a company logo.

Ham-let is available for balloon rallies, fairs and expos, grand openings & special occasions. Contact us today to discuss your needs & make your reservation for our appearance.


Some of our past corporate clients:
• Sony
• Sara Lee
• Heavenly Ham
• Bacardi
• Hawaiian Tropic
• Universal Studios
• Ford Motor Racing
• WSHE BIG 100.3 Radio – Orlando, Florida
• WFTV-9 (ABC) – Orlando, Florida