Discovery Flight


Discovery Flight Training For Aspiring Pilots

A discovery flight (also referred as an introductory flight) is usually the first step toward achieving a pilot’s license. Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to fly in a small aircraft? Ever dream of learning how to fly one yourself? If you answered yes to either of the questions above than a discovery flight might be exactly what you’ve been searching for and Flight Rides is here to help you fulfill your dream.

Picture of two people enjoying a discovery flight lesson in a small aircraft

As an added incentive to take your very first flight lesson; flight schools will typically offer an introductory flight lesson to aspiring pilots at a discounted price. This incentive allows the student pilot the opportunity of experiencing a flight lesson without having to invest a lot of money prior to knowing if flight training is something they would like to pursue. In most situations, a discovery flight is the first of many flight lessons to come.


What is an Introductory Flight Lesson?

An introductory flight is a shortened flight lesson which is designed to give someone new to aviation a glimpse into the amazing possibilities that lie ahead. During the flight lesson, you’ll learn about each of the aircraft components and the role they play during flight. You’ll also have the opportunity of taking over the flight controls and fly the aircraft under the guidance of a highly trained FAA certified flight instructor.

Introductory Flight Lesson helicopter flight controls

If you’re like most of us and choose to continue with your flight training your discovery flight lesson time will count toward the hours needed to obtain your private pilot’s license. Each flight hour and flight task will be entered into your personal pilot logbook, we strongly suggest purchasing your logbook asap, we’ve provided a link above to order one thru our affiliate Amazon.


The Discovery Flight Experience

We highly recommend arriving a bit early to the airport so you can meet the flight crew and get settled in. Chances are the flight instructor that has been tasked with your discovery flight is already at the airport. This makes for a good time to have some of your questions answered as well as get to know your flight instructor prior to venturing out on the tarmac.

The flight lesson will begin with ground training, this is where you’ll cover topics such as the flight components and what to expect during the flight. You’ll also take part in the pre-flight inspection where you’ll look over the entire aircraft to ensure its ready for flight. Don’t be alarmed everything you do will be discussed in great detail by your flight instructor.

Discovery flight pre-flight experience

Once the ground training has been completed you’ll climb aboard the aircraft for your very first flight lesson. You’ll still have a few more preflight items to run through on your checklist prior to taking off, but then it’s off to the beautiful playground in the sky. A typical discovery flight will last approximately thirty minutes or so of actual flight time.

Throuought the entire flight, your instructor will be guiding you every step of the way. You’ll have the opportunity of assisting with the takeoff, landing, and everything in between. You may experience some bumps along the which are completely normal for a small aircraft.

Airplane at the airport

As with anything in life, all good things must come to an end. Once you safely land back at the airport its time to conduct a debrief with your flight instructor. This is where you and the flight instructor discuss the flight and the potential next steps if you’d like to pursue flight training. I’m sure if you’re like most of us at this point your totally hooked and can’t wait to schedule your next flight lesson.


Scheduling A Discovery Flight

The easiest ways to schedule your intro flight is to conduct a search for a local flight school in your hometown. You can do this by a simple web browser search or by using one of our reputable aviation schools located on our learn how to fly page. Simply call the flight school or send them an email and one of their crew members will be more than happy to assist you with your request.

How to schedule a discovery flight with

Another way to schedule a discovery flight is to head down to your local airport and locate the FBO (Fixed-base operator). The FBO staff can assist you with locating a flight school in the area that would have the ability to take you on an introductory flight.

We at Flight Rides are also here to help; if you’d like us to assist you in locating a reputable flight school please feel free to send us a message.


Other Helpful Information

Dream of taking a discovery flight

  • How big are the aircrafts
    Aircrafts that are used for flight training are usually smaller and will typically have a single-engine with side by side seating for you and the instructor
  • How long is the flight
    We recommend allotting about two hours for the entire flight adventure. You’ll spend a lot of time talking with people including your instructor as well as taking advantage of the photo ops available near or inside the aircraft.
  • Communication
    During the flight, you’ll need to wear a headset that’s designed for pilots. The engine will be extremely noisy and without the headset, you and your instructor won’t be able to communicate nor will you be able to communicate with the tower. The flight school you decide to fly with will be able to loan a headset for your discovery flight. If you choose to continue with flight training, we highly recommend you purchase your own pair. Take the time and check out the pilot headsets we currently offer in our Amazon affiliate flight shop.
  • Flight Planning
    For those of you who live fairly close to the airport, it might be possible to fly over your home. Ask your flight instructor if it would be possible, in many situations as long as your home is near the airport and there are no airspace restrictions in place, you might get lucky.
  • Airsickness
    I can tell you from experience airsickness can happen. I can say I’ve personally never felt any sickness from flying, however, I know from experience its possible. I remember when I started flying, I took my brother and good friend on a scenic flight around the Sarasota Florida area. Let’s just say it’s a good thing I made my friend Dave bring a sick sack with him.
  • Learning is fun
    Be prepared to learn a lot in a fun and energetic atmosphere. Understand how aircrafts are able to fly using the aerodynamic principles of flight such as lift, weight, thrust, and drag. Learn how to fly as you take the flight controls and conduct some basic flight maneuvers such as basic turns, climbs, and descents under the supervision of the certified flight instructor.
  • Gift Idea
    Introductory flight lessons are for sure one of the most amazing and unique gift ideas for a loved one who has always dreamed of learning how to fly. It’s fast and easy to set-up an intro flight lesson for someone and it’s definitely an unforgettable gift idea!
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