Best Ways To Propose In NYC

One of our greatest pleasures is when we have the opportunity of helping someone plan a life-changing flight. Below is the story of how Flight Rides played a small part in creating one of the best ways to propose in NYC during a marriage proposal flight for Mitchell and his soon to be wife Shaina over New York City.

Best Ways To Propose In NYC

Best Ways To Propose In NYC

It was the evening of May 11th when Mitchell contacted Flight Rides owner Michael for assistance. Mitchell was in the need of a marriage proposal flight over New York City. The flight was to take place over the Memorial Day weekend which was only 17 days away. Mitchell & Michael talked for a while discussing the best ways to propose in NYC. They talked about the different types of aircraft’s which could be used, and how the message could be relayed to Shaina. The final decision was to use an airplane and fly over a large handmade sign which would be placed on the ground somewhere in New York City.


Places To Propose In New York City

As you could expect New York is filled with amazing locations to pop the question. Our goal was to find the best location that would work for our mission. We started by creating a list of potential places to propose in New York City which were within the strict boundaries of the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) and ATC (Air Traffic Control). Coney Island beach was our number one pick for the top places to propose in New York CityAfter a number of conversations, we decided one of the best ways to propose in NYC was to fly over the Coney Island beach.

Coney Island beach offered everything we needed to successfully complete our mission. We had a large open area to layout the extremely large “Will You Marry Me” sign and had clearance to fly over the beach at an altitude of 500 feet. We also had the Coney Island Amusement Park as our backdrop.


Will You Marry Me Sign Ideas

While planning the proposal flight, Mitchell spent hours corresponding with Michael going over the many Mitchell and friends spent hours creating the will you marry me sign ideaswill you marry me sign ideas. After finalizing the sign ideas, there was a lot of research that had to be done. Most importantly, we needed to make sure the “will you marry me” sign was big enough to be seen from the air. Michael suggested buying king size flat bed sheets and spray painting them with 60-inch letters. With the help of a few friends, 20 king size flat bed sheets, and countless hours, the sign was complete. The sign was then delivered to one of Mitchell’s friends who agreed to go to the beach on the day of the proposal to set it up.


Airplane Flight Tours of Famous Places In New York

On the day of the proposal, Mitchell was super nervous. The whole day all he could think about was “don’t forget the ring”. proposal flight over famous places in New YorkHe remembered the ring but forgot his wallet. That should give you a sense of how nervous he was. Upon arriving at the Airport, Mitchell met the pilot, Marco. They spoke the previous night, so he knew about the secret proposal plan. They all boarded the airplane and Marco successfully pretended it was a normal tour of New York City. He flew over some of the most famous places in New York such as The Statue of Liberty and Liberty Tower. At the time, Shaina was still unaware of the proposal which was only moments away.

Marco soon changed the flight’s course toward the Coney Island beach Homemade Signwhere the sign was laid out. As discussed earlier, Marco was able to fly approximately 500 feet above the beach because it’s an open area and would not pose any safety concerns. As the plane inched closer and closer to the sign, Mitchell took the ring out of his coat pocket. Once Shaina was able to see the sign clearly, Mitchell made his move and popped the question. She said yes ?.

I love you Shaina

Thank you, Marco and Michael, for making this proposal possible and most importantly, thank you, Shaina, for saying yes. I love you!