Ballooning Flights

Ballooning Flights

How You Can Enjoy the Experience

The benefits of ballooning and what to expect on your flight


One of the oldest forms of aviation dates back to the year 1783. Today’s hot air balloons utilize more advanced materials than the early designs however the overall style of the hot air balloon has been left untouched.



Here we put together a little information on what to expect during your ballooning flight and what to look for when choosing a hot air balloon company

  • First and for most we highly recommend you fly with a trustworthy hot air balloon company. Make sure the hot air balloon company and the pilot are both certified by the FAA and both have clean safety records
  • Hot air balloons typically take-off and land in open fields, away from any obstructions. Our recommendation is to wear comfortable clothing and shoes
  • Hot air balloons vary in both size and shape. The largest hot air balloon today can accommodate up to 32 passengers. That being said the most common hot air balloon basket will accommodate around 7 passengers
  • Ballooning is a fun activity that can be enjoyed by people of all ages and is a great add-on excursion to any vacation
  • Hot air balloons offer optimal sightseeing views from any altitude due to the open views and slow airspeed
  • Hot air balloon flights can last around one hour and can travel between two to eight miles
  • Ballooning flights fly in the early morning or late evening when the wind conditions are the most calm
  • The memory you’ll have from your ballooning flight will last a lifetime


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Are you interested in experiencing a hot air balloon flight but don’t see one in your area? Contact us and we’ll help you locate a safe and reputable balloon company in your area


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