Air Race

Air Race Lineup For 2018

2018 is filled with an outstanding lineup of air races from across the globe and Flight Rides is proud to offer you the full lineup. Let’s get ready to watch the most experienced pilots convene and show-off their piloting skills.

Each racing league is unique and is performed according to their rules and regulations however they all have one thing in common; they’re all going to be extremely exciting.

2018 air race lineup


Air Racing History

The very first airrace event was held on May 23, 1909, in Paris, France. Four pilots would enter so-called Prix de Lagatinerie, however, only two of the pilots would go on to participate in the event.

The first airrace to be held in the United States was a ten-day event back in 1910. The event was held on January 10th and January 20th. Forty-three pilots would enter the event however only sixteen of them would actually participate in the event.

The first cross-country air race began on October 19, 1919, and consisted of forty-eight aircrafts. The event would start from Long Island and would end in San Francisco. Thirty-three of the aircrafts would go on to complete the entire race.



February 2018 Air Racing Schedule


02-03 ~ Red Bull Air Race of Abu Dhabi
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

03 ~ Royal Aero Club of AGM and Prizegiving
Location Coming Soon



April 2018 Air Racing Schedule


21-22 ~ Red Bull Air Race of Cannes
Cannes, France

21-22 ~ Royal Aero Club of Leicester
Leicester Airport, England



May 2018 Air Racing Schedule


12-13 ~ Royal Aero Club of Sandown
Isle of Wight/Sandown Airport, United Kingdom

26-27 ~ Red Bull Air Race of Europe
Location Coming Soon



June 2018 Air Racing Schedule


02-03 ~ Royal Aero Club of Abbeville
Abbeville Airport, France

19-22 ~ Air Race Classic
Cross-Country Female Pilot Race, United States

21-23 ~ Hayward Air Rally
Cross-Country Race, United States

23-24 ~ Red Bull Air Race of Budapest
Budapest, Hungary

23-24 ~ Royal Aero Club of Enniskillen
Enniskillen/St Angelo Airport, Ireland



July 2018 Air Racing Schedule


14-15 ~ Royal Aero Club of Sherburn
Sherburn-in-Elmet Airfield, England



August 2018 Air Racing Schedule


04-05 ~ Red Bull Air Race of Asia
Location Coming Soon

11-12 ~ Royal Aero Club of Shobdon
Shobdon Airport, England

25-26 ~ Red Bull Air Race of Kazan
Kazan, Russia



September 2018 Air Racing Schedule


01-02 ~ Royal Aero Club of Venue tbc
Location Coming Soon

12-16 ~ National Championship Air Races
Reno, NV, USA

23-24 ~ Royal Aero Club of Alderney
Alderney Airport, Channel Islands



October 2018 Air Racing Schedule


06-07 ~ Red Bull Air Race of Indianapolis
Indianapolis, United States



November 2018 Air Racing Schedule


Date Coming Soon ~ Red Bull Air Race of Asia 2
Location Coming Soon