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412 White Street, Unit 101
Key West, FL 33040

Key West Airport

Key West International Airport (EYW)

Why Fly Air Key West

Air Key West is a fully certified, licensed, bonded, and insured Federal Aviation Administration Part 135 (Commuter and On-Demand Charter) Air Carrier.

Air Key West ParkedEXPERIENCED PILOTS– Air Key West’s pilots have many years of experience and possess the Airline Transport Pilot’s license (ATP), the highest-grade civilian license available, and are trained to and maintain FAA VFR (Visual Flight Rules) and IFR (Instrument Flight Rules), day and night currencies.

EXCEPTIONAL AIRCRAFT– Air Key West only operates outstanding late model, twin-engine aircraft, exceptionally-equipped, and meticulously-maintained above and beyond the regulatory requirements and the manufacturer’s guidelines.

OUTSTANDING SERVICE– Since our operation began in 2002, our dispatch reliability rate has been >99.8%. We believe safety is paramount, and do not accept anything less than utmost safety with our families, or yours. Neither our company, nor any of our pilots have had any FAA incidents, accidents, or violations of any kind.

OUTSTANDING VALUE– Our charter rates are extremely competitive because we fly more efficient aircraft, maintain them to the highest standards, and operate them with care. The aircraft reward us with reliability and long service lives.

About Chartering

As an ON-DEMAND CHARTER AIRLINE we do not have any regularly scheduled flights. We fly at the day and time of your convenience, to and from anywhere you wish.

Air Key West Over WaterWhen you charter, you charter the aircraft, not just a seat on the aircraft. However, for smaller parties and if you so desire, we can place your name on a “SHARE” list, whereby you can split the fare with another party. If interested in charter sharing, please let us know and we will add your name to the SHARE list and attempt to pair you with another party wanting to travel the same approximate day and time. You have no obligation to take a flight and are not required to place a deposit for adding your name to the share list. If we are able to pair you with another party, we will contact you and complete the reservation at that point, if you are still interested.
Additionally, we often have empty “POSITIONING” legs available, when placing the airplane to pick up passengers, or when returning to Key West after a drop off. To check availability of empty legs, simply give us a call.

Air Key West is ideally suited to provide customized and mission-specific contracts for the following:
Air Key West Tour• Aerial Surveys
• Aerial Photography
• Search and Rescue
• Maritime, Coast, and Border Surveillance
• Powerline, Gasduct, and Network Surveillance
• Sightseeing
• Fish Spotting
• Medical Evacuation
• Bubble window installation is available for observers.
• Aircraft available with photogrammetric “bomb bay” camera door.
• Cargo – Overnight not fast enough? Call Air Key West for immediate airport to airport delivery of urgent packages.

Our Aircraft

Partenavia P68C
Twin-engine, five-passenger

PartenaviaThe Partenavia P68C is the finest light twin available, unmatched in its meticulous engineering, construction quality, efficiency, and simple, reliable systems. It has outstanding flying qualities, visibility, and reliability not offered by other older, more complex airplanes used in other charter operations.
Its excellent short takeoff and landing handling enables it to safely operate into many small airfields inaccessible by other airplanes. The P68C will seat five adult passengers comfortably (in addition to the pilot), and is ideally suited for trips up to approximately 400 nautical miles.


Britten-Norman BN2T Turbine Islander
Twin-engine turboprop, nine-passenger

The BrittenThe Britten- Norman Islander has been an industry workhorse for decades. It has earned its reputation as a rugged and reliable short-field aircraft all around the world. The turboprop version operated by Air Key West only adds to the reliability and load carrying capability of this air “truck”.
Our completely refurbished and modernized Islander is one of the few aircraft in its category that can safely, and legally, carry nine passengers and their baggage. The Islander seats up to nine adult passengers comfortably and is ideally suited for trips up to approximately 400 nautical miles.

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