First Airplane Flight

Top Ten Questions About Your First Airplane Flight


AirplaneThinking about the journey of learning to fly an airplane could be discouraging to most people. You might have questions or doubts about making the first step. We’ve all been in your shoes and Flight Rides has asked some of our visitors for questions they had prior to their start at becoming a pilot. Below are just a few of the questions we’ve received.


How to locate a flight school

The first step is to ask yourself what’s your end goal for becoming a pilot? Is your goal to become a commercial pilot or are you just looking to have some fun with friends and family? Next you’ll want to review the flight schools we currently have in our database by clicking here. If you don’t see a flight school in our database which is in your location please feel free to ask us our recommendations by sending us a message by clicking here.
A recent post we’ve written “What flight training style works best for you? Part 61 or Part 141” is about the two types of flight training available to students. This would be a good read for anyone looking to begin your first airplane flight training class to understand which type of school would work best for you.

What should I bring to my first lesson

Prior to your first airplane flight; your school may need some basic information such as a passport or birth certificate. It’s always best to ask the flight school what other information will be needed prior to arriving at the airport for your flight. It’s also highly recommended to arrive at least 30 minutes prior to your first airplane flight to ensure all the paperwork is filled out properly.

How long is a typical flight lesson

Paragon FlightNormally a flight lesson will last around an hour however you do have the option of scheduling a longer training session if you have the time available. The more often you fly will benefit your ability of receiving your private pilot’s license faster.
Your training will usually start off with some ground training where you and the instructor will talk about the flight plan and what’s to be expected while in flight. After the ground training you’ll begin your flight and work on the materials from the ground training such as turns, stalls, and exedra. Once the flight is completed you’ll go over your flight experience with the instructor, ask any questions you have and schedule your next flight.

What’s the cost to start flight training

Learning to fly is a rewarding adventure but it will require you to dip into your unlimited reserve of cash. A private pilot’s license is estimated to cost anywhere from $5,000 to $9,000 which will depend on your training location and how often you fly. If you’re like most of us and can’t find an extra $5,000 under your couch cushions many schools work directly with student loan offices which could help you start your dream of becoming a pilot.

Will I take-off and land the airplane on my first flight lesson

Yes you will. Don’t worry your highly trained flight instructor will be in constant contact with you while their safely on the ground. Just kidding, the flight instructor will be sitting in the seat next to you and will have his own set of flight controls to assist you for the entire flight. The instructor will verbally tell you everything that’s going on during the flight and what you should be doing; if they need to take control of the airplane for a brief moment they will. Their job is to keep you safe while teaching you the proper way to fly the airplane.

How big will the airplane be

Paragon Flight Simple PricingWell let’s just say you won’t be able to roam the cabin during the flight. Typical your first airplane flight will be in a training aircraft which similar to a sports car or a small economy car. The airplane will usually have what’s needed for learning to fly on board. When you advanced to other aircrafts you’ll have more equipment, but for now we would recommend you just learn the basics in the beginning.

Can we do tricks on the first airplane flight

It is possible however it will all depend on the flight school and the instructor. I had an amazing instructor when I learned how to fly many years ago and we were able to do the normal discovery flight as well as a little bit of stalls, steep turn’s, and zero gravity flight which I thought was amazing for my first flight.

Will flying feel like a roller coaster

Not exactly, flying a plane will feel more like being on top of the world and free. Depending on the current weather conditions in your area you could experience a smooth flight or slightly bumpy ride. A roller coaster is designed to get your adrenalin pupping and an airplane is designed to give you a feeling of accomplishment and absolute freedom because your finally doing something you have always wanted to do.

How high will we go on our first flight

A typical discovery flight lesson will fly between 2,000 and 5,000 feet depending on your airport and the air traffic procedures. On my first airplane flight in Florida we brought the airplane up to about 3,000 feet which gave me a great Santa Barbara Helicopter Tours Harborview and a good feel of the airplane. Your flight instructor will be able to give you more information while you’re going over your flight plan prior to the flight.

How many hours are needed for a private pilot license

The FAA requires that you to have a minimum of 40 hours of flight time, however most students will finish their training from anywhere between 50 to 60 flight hours. Not only are minimum hours required to obtain your private pilot’s license you’ll also need other requirements such as multiple solo flight’s, cross country flights, FAA testing, medical examination, and more. Your flight school will be able to give you all the information needed to be successful at accomplishing your task of becoming a pilot. Don’t give up; many people have already accomplished what you’re doing and you could to!


Flying is all about having fun – don’t worry about being new. You’ll find that people in the aviation field are very helpful and passionate about what they do. Your instructor teaches new people every day that have a lot of the same questions you may have. Relax, have fun, and listen to your instructor. Start today, you’ll be glad you did.