Flight Training

What flight training style works best for you? Part 61 or Part 141


Flight TrainingBoth Part 61 & Part 141 have regulations per the FAA which require each student to meet or exceed the same standards. I hope you receive better understanding of the two flight school structures below, either one will give you the knowledge you need to become a success in your dream of becoming a pilot.

Part 61 Flight Training

Flight schools which fall under Part 61 have the ability to train their students without submitting a structured training syllabus to the FAA for review. Thats not to say a Part 61 flight school isn’t a good choice for your training. You’ll still receive the perfect flight training which could be tailored to your specific needs and is suited for the individual who’s looking for more flexibility with their flight training.

Part 141 Flight Training

A flight school which falls under the Part 141 category has submitted a structured training syllabus to the FAA which has been approved. This does come with a few added responsibilities, they are subject to regular site audits by the FAA to ensure they are performing within their submitted structure. They are also required to meet a minimum pass rate by their students to continue as a Part 141 flight school.

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